Chompr Movr Summary

I recently completed a two week run with the compr movr. If you haven't been following this blog, chompr movr is an Arduino-based accelerometer circuit I built to gain some insight into my sleep position at night. I had long wondered if I tend to grind my teeth when I sleep in certain positions. For example, does sleeping on my back interrupt my breathing, causing me to grind or clench? The data I gathered over the last few weeks has been interesting, but it hasn't provided any big breakthroughs regarding my bruxism. There hasn't been an obvious correlation between my sleep position and how I feel in the morning. The minor trends are interesting though. One night, I took some muscle relaxers before I went to bed. The data in the morning showed a significant decrease in overall movement. I do believe there is some connection between sleep time movement and overall quality of sleep. Actigraphy, a method of inferring sleep quality based on movement, is gaining popularity with wearable tech like FitBit and mobile phone applications.

I've setup a GitHub repo to host the code for this project. You can get it here. The repo includes the Arduino code and a Ruby script I wrote to post-process the data.


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