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Nose Plugging Update

In a previous post, I mentioned how I was experimenting with nose plugging as a possible solution to bruxism.
I wasn't able to get a perfect seal with the medical tape alone. My overnight video recordings appeared to show me breathing through my nose. Again, the video quality isn't that great, so it's hard to say for sure. I built a tripod extension arm to position the camera over my bed, rather than to the side. 
This gave me better coverage, but it's still hard to observe some of these minor movements on low resolution infrared video.
Since the tape wasn't working, I decided to try a swimming nose clip again. The clip was made of ridged plastic, so the tension couldn't be adjusted at all. I was only able to sleep with it on for about an hour. It was very uncomfortable. A wire nose clip may be more comfortable, but I'm still skeptical of any solution that pinches your nose.
Next, I tried some moldable silicone ear plugs. 
These really molded to my nostril…

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